GDN 2015

International Conference on Group Decision & Negotiation

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw, Poland, June 22-26, 2015

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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Conflict Resolution in Energy and Environmental Management


The recent development of new technologies that can help analysts understand strategic conflicts and provide strategic support to negotiators has been a great benefit for many decision-makers. New theoretical issues are being explored, and at the same time new software systems are making modeling easier and analytical results clearer. Environmental management, including energy projects, is a natural area of application for technologies for the analysis of strategic conflict, and has motivated both theoretical and practical advances.

These sessions collects contributions highlighting new advances in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution and other methodologies that have been influenced by issues arising in environmental management or energy development. Included also are analyses using the new techniques. Our current and future problems in environmental and energy management are so severe that we need new and better tools to understand and manage them.


  Keith W. Hipel
Department of Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo, Waterloo
  D. Marc Kilgour
Department of Mathematics
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
    Liping Fang
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Ryerson University, Toronto
  Amer Obeidi
Department of Management Sciences
University of Waterloo, Waterloo


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