GDN 2015

International Conference on Group Decision & Negotiation

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw, Poland, June 22-26, 2015

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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Panel: Leadership and Negotiation

Chair: Melvin F. Shakun, New York University,

  Alain Lempereur
Brandeis University
Jeswald Salacuse
Tufts University
  Melvin F. Shakun
New York University

This session will discuss leadership and negotiation.

Leaders often negotiate and negotiators often lead. While there is some overlap, much of the literatures on leadership and negotiation treat these rather separately. The panel will discuss and develop the convergence of leadership and negotiation, i.e., the leadership-negotiation relationship from several viewpoints based on such frameworks as negotiating life, leading leaders, responsible negotiation, connectedness problem solving, etc.

Applications include education for leadership-negotiation, business, economics, e-negotiation, conflict polarization, mediation, Middle East conflicts, terrorism, everyday living, etc.

Panelists will make opening remarks followed by discussion with audience participation. 


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