GDN 2015

International Conference on Group Decision & Negotiation

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw, Poland, June 22-26, 2015

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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Emotions in Markets

Human behaviour in markets (e.g., financial, B2C, C2C) is often analysed from the point of view of finding decision models with high predictive accuracy and to explain which contextual and personality factors influence decision making. In addition to modelling decisions as contingent on utility values and preference structures, research has started to investigate the role of another crucial factor in decision making: emotions. Of particular interest are, for instance, whether and how emotions as a previously unobserved factor can explain “irrational” behaviour, in which settings they do not, and how certain exchange formats (e.g., for the case of auctions) and IS interface elements (e.g., time pressure) elicit certain emotional responses. Beyond measuring emotions in laboratory settings, modern IT and mobile devices are increasingly used for monitoring physiological states. This raises the question how live biofeedback will affect decision-making in the future.

We are interested in research-in-progress and completed research (extended abstracts and short papers) that sheds light on the role that emotions play in decision-making and how they affect human behaviour in markets. We welcome empirical, theoretical and conceptual papers related to the session theme.

Session organizer: Verena Dorner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (

Sharing Economy

Today's e-commerce landscape experiences the development of new forms of markets. Whereas the last decade was mainly characterized by B2C e-commerce, we now see an increasing number of C2C market platforms: private persons share goods and services in large scale peer-to-peer networks. Ebay, for instance, may be regarded as one of the early pioneers in provisioning and managing a such C2C market platform. The  spectrum of sharing activities nowadays shifts from mere resale of spare goods to other forms too, like co-usage and renting, for instance (Airbnb, RelayRides, WhyOwnIt, etc.).
The proponents of these markets  often claim that they offer a more social and sustainable alternative to traditional forms of consumption. This session will be concerned with the social and economic implications of such C2C markets for electronic commerce in particular and society as a whole in general. We welcome empirical, theoretical and conceptual papers related to the session theme.

Session organizer: Timm Teubner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (


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