GDN 2015

International Conference on Group Decision & Negotiation

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw, Poland, June 22-26, 2015

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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Emotion in Group Decision and Negotiations

Emotion has impact on group decision and negotiation whether their are used or manifested strategically or not but also activities such as group decision and negotiation have effect on emotion. Since Damasio challenged Descartes with a new view summarised by the motto 'Sentio ergo sum', research on emotion started gaining momentum, within neuroscience and cognitive science but also within research on decision taking. In a group context, emotion is not anymore only a subjective experience, it becomes an inter-subjective experience and a factor influencing group decision taking and negotiation (GDN). Realising that, we must explore number of questions such as: How do emotions become inter-subjective? What are the communicative means for the realisation of emotion in GDN? How do emotions influence GDN? How is emotion related to ideology expressed in GDN? What methods could be used for the study of emotion in GDN? In order to answer these questions, this workshop offers an opportunity to concentrate on emotion in empirical GDN related data using different methods of observation and analysis originating from psychology, linguistics, pragmatics, informatics, sociology, philosophy, and game theory.

Session organizers:
     Bilyana Martinovski, Stockholm University, Sweden
     Paul Meerts, Clingendael Institute, The Netherlands


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